Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Worst Face of Mankind - Peshawar Attack

Last 3 days have been terrible for me. Not only to maintain positiveness within but also for staying calm and peaceful. It simply refers to the cowardish Lindt CafĂ© hostage in Sydney, Australia and above all, worst face of mankind we have faced till now that occured in Peshawar, Pakistan. Terrorism has no religion and repeatedly fail to understand the idea of reaching out to ‘Jannat’ (Heaven) referred by the so called terrorists. Even they will have to answer for the cowardish acts they have been doing to their God, wont they ?

This blog is about Life style, a regular happenings of our life and I can not jot down a single word of happiness these days due to those inhuman and coward attack on children. Everytime I try to maintain my inner peace and utter some positive words, I become speechless. Is God on leave or forgot to control those who are not good enough for the sake of humanity !

I along with this Blog, pay heartfelt condolences and deep sympathy upon very sad and untimely demise of those beautiful children who were in uniform and at school to pursue their education. I don’t have words to console for the broken parents and people dealing with the fateful incident on their face. I don’t know how to react and my anger has no limits. Thoughts have been suppressed viewing the dead bodies of children which surpassed the 100 number. Yes, it is 142 till now !!

This is the most vulnerable time for tackling Terrorism which needs urgent treatment. Yes, treatment because it is more dangerous than Ebola, AIDS and even cancer as it wont spare a single person for any 20 days, 1 year or 2 months…..Once we are captured, we will see deaths, many deaths around and some brutal ones like in Peshawar. Can you imagine the fearful face of the innocent bundle of joys before being shot at head ! I am disturbed, mentally disturbed.

This blog will never able to wish a Very Happy New Year ahead to you readers and this is not beginning of a good year as well. Because, we are mourning. Mourning for those who lost their treasured lives and were 'still to be' blossomed because of some coward people who enjoy seeing blood.

Lets hope, our children are safe, lets make their future better and work together for it. Humanity is not limited within border and this is and should be a single religion we follow globally. Rest of the things are only personal choices. And ultimately, we are given beautiful life to enjoy, not for destruction. Aren’t we ?

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