Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to organize our home on daily basis : It's Easy!

Lorie Marrero is the best-selling author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life, the spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International, and the creator of ClutterDiet.com, an innovative online membership program that's provided affordable professional organizing advice to thousands of people in eighteen countries. I've included some of her valuable advices in my post before and this time, here is what she says about daily basis organizing ideas that makes long term effect in the personal and household grooming.

Brush your teeth once a month, sixty times, and then you don't have to worry about it every day! That won't work? The same reasoning applies to cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your home. It's a little silly to save up all of your cleaning, maintaining, and organizing for one giant project. Here are some small things we can do regularly to keep things working well all the time.

  • Each day, hang up everything and put away clean laundry. 
  • Put your shoes back in their places, straighten stacks, and have a regular habit of bringing empty hangers back to the laundry room. 
  • Remove clothing along the way as you decide to donate it, and put it in your "Donation Station," using a paper shopping bag or box to gather those items for Goodwill. 
  • Twice a year when you organize and change out seasonal clothing, these habits will keep everything more visible and manageable when you are ready to do a bigger project.
  • Break down cardboard boxes, manage your recycling and trash, sweep excess leaves and dirt to keep them from tracking into the house, and keep a path cleared between the car and the door.
  • Return sports equipment, chairs, and bikes to their racks and shelves. 
  • And each time you fill up with gas, empty the trash from your car right there at the gas pump!

  • Each time you return from the grocery store and put food away, stop and straighten up what's there. 
  • Move cans and boxes for greater visibility, throw away containers with only a few crumbs left, and check for moldy bread and stale chips. 
  • Reclose cereal cartons and cracker boxes that your family has left open, and remove excess packaging from large warehouse purchases like soft drinks, paper towels, and snack foods.

Entry and Exit Doors: 
  • Take shoes back to bedroom closets, put errand items in your car, and clear out mail and papers. 
  • Hang up coats, put dirty socks in the laundry room, and get the kids to handle their odds-and-ends of toys and school items once a week.

What we always forget : Hard work is often the easy work we did not do at the proper time. 
So What other little things could you do regularly to save yourself lots of time and effort later? Share your valuable comments with me. 


  1. Ah, I have to organize my shoes and bag closet - creatively thinking of utilizing the space and making sure all the things are accessible! This post gives me motivation to get started!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. thankx dear. It helps when there are people motivating to make life easier. Lorrie Marrero does it. Will sure check your post.