Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to clean with Lemon

A Zest of lemon! This is what I want whenever I look for a cup of tea. But do you know a lemon is not only to savor our taste buds!! Lemon is one of those great cleaning agents we already have in our kitchen! The lemon's tart citric acid is great at disinfecting and can make those nasty, foul smells disappear. Cleaning with lemon always comes with very low price tag and that is always good news. Isn't it?? If you want to know further, I hope you are with me as I follow. :-)

1. Deodorize your Sink/basin and garbage disposal: 

The Sink, basin and garbage disposal drain can get stinky. Instead of pouring bleach down there to kill the bugs causing the odor (which can put off noxious fumes that make you cough), consider tossing a few lemon rinds down the disposal. This will help neutralize the odor naturally. It will leave instant aroma of the lemon that you will certainly feel fresh.

2. Disinfect your Cutting Board : 

Apply a good amount of lemon to your cutting board, scrub, let sit for 20 minutes, and rinse. Not only is this great for cleaning and disinfecting your cutting board, it is also great for getting rid of those nasty odors.

3. Polish metal: 

Use lemon juice that you can squeeze out of the lemon or buy already squeezed and salt to scrub those pans clean! You have made those metallic things in your living area and kitchen shine now.
4. Sanitize your microwave: 
Microwaves can get grease fast. The acid in lemons can zap germs and leave a fresh sent. Boil four tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of water and wipe down your microwave. Lemons are one of the best solution for cleaning your microwave. The lemon solution basically does the scrubbing for you.
Another way to clean your microwave with lemon juice is to soak your sponge in lemon juice and microwave your sponge for two minutes. The lemon and water steam will loosen up the food and stains in your microwave.

5. Food Graters: 

Rub a lemon cut in half against both sides of the grater and wash. This will make the residue come off a lot easier.

6. Blast soap scum: 

Now, this is brilliant, i think. Juice six lemons and pour the contents into a spray bottle, the citric acid will dissolve soap scum! Isn't it Simple! Clean shower, any stainless still in your bath area and kitchen with it spraying the lemon juice.

7. Clean your dandruff

This one is quite easy rather than other messy ideas i've got so far for hair. Just rub half a lemon in your scalp 15 minutes before you wash your hair. leave it for 15 minutes. and then shampoo it. Dandruff will lessen in 6-7 washes. and you will get shiny hair textures as well. Ting Ding.
8. Clean Ink Spot : 
Apply lemon juice to the stain and wash with cold water. The citric acid is great for getting ink stains out. Only use it if the fabric is cotton, otherwise, it may get ruined.

Now, Lemon says thankx to you that you've decided to use it in your cleaning. 


  1. Lemon are so good for everything and I use to clean my inside every morning with a spoon of honey and lemon juice in glass of water. They say it is so good for you :)

    1. yes, so true. Lemon is always good in anykind of drink.

  2. hii Shilu... i found ur blog really interesting... lov to follow it..:)