Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plain White Shirt : Wardrobe Staple or Style Trend?

White Shirt has been included in wardrobe of many as wardrobe staples. But in how many ways? It's upto us. Definitely!! A plain white button down shirt can be your friend for formal wear and chic and edgy in evening wear. Can't Believe ? stay with this post. :-) and see how a plain White shirt can be used as day to night wear and office to party as well.

# Glam it up a Plain white shirt with a slick and fitted leather pant and heels of your choice. Sleek hair will add your glam quotient.

# Give your plain white shirt personality and team it with blazer and shorts. Layer a statement neckpiece. A chic party look for you. Satin fabric is best for evening wear.

and team with flats for day wear.

# Are you a person who loves to experiment in outfits? Team your white shirt with daring outfits and shoes like in the below image. You are ready to rock for a daring evening attire.

# Have a white shirt with a little longer length ? Accessorize it with belt of your choice (wide or skinny). Go for flats for day and statement making heels for evening. 

# One of the best through' trends' last year and still in full vogue. A plain white button down shirt can spark up that paisley skirt you have or with any printed skirt ! Choose the skirt in bright color and you are ready with refreshing old scholl girl look.

# Class is what you present yourself to others. Learn from Miranda Kerr ! Team your plain white shirt with the best jeans you have. So, classy, eternal and always in style. You can never go wrong.

# Olivia Palermo hardly goes wrong with her sense of style. White shirt with jeans, cross bag and metallic outer !! So trendy, yet so stylish !! Go copy her style NOw for superb and easy to get evening look !

Remember, style is always the same and only trends come and go. Team your existing outfits with one another and find what looks best on you. We never need extra bucks to stay stylish after all. Stay tuned, for more..............


  1. I always loved white shirt with jeans like Jennifer Aniston always wears :)