Sunday, January 13, 2013

How do you manage and declutter Jwellery ?

For me, getting ready means a job of 7-10 minutes but this too seems quite uneasy many times when I am stuck into those tangled jwelleries, earrings and studs that i never wear actually and are there for many years. Thus it's my inner urge for managing my so called vanity area these days which compelled me for this post. While there are many ideas in Pinterest and internet as a whole but here are some of them which actually appealed to me i think these are good enough to share. So, here we go for How to manage jwelleries.

# Mirrors are used for hanging chains, beaded necklaces and many more since ages. I've too witnessed it since my childhood. So, it's definitely the easiest option to try for those abandoned and tangled chains and necklaces. If you are bored with mirrors, try with some portrait or family photo that you like.

# Teacups and Saucers are the best bet for danglers, earrings and even necklaces. Earrings can be hanged onto cup while necklaces can rest in saucers. Beautiful ! You can even stack pins and other less necessary stuffs inside the cups.

# Have an old rake around your garden area ? Paint it in color of your choice and hang on the wall; and let all your necklaces, chain have safe home in it as it can hold many items at once. Even Bracelets !!

# Or, Choose those beautiful wall hangers available in low budget which will hold as many items as you want.


# Drawers are always the safest and easiest way to manage all the items you need in rush hour at once. It's handy and we all have drawers at any of our closets, Right !! No need of extra expenses. Just make them separate with partition, even cardboard will make perfect partition for different items.

# Repurpose with hangers you have for all your tangled chains and necklaces.

# Doors are another closet which we should not forget storage wise. Hence use it for managing your jwelleries by getting a hanger fixed in the doors or even with DIY ones.

# If you can, dedicate a wall or corner of your room to manage jwelleries. How ?? Like this in the image below.

# Repurpose your everyday items in a way that caters to your need. How about using old stuffs for storing and decluttering jwelleries !!

A Cage used for holding earings and danglers. Perfect !

Don't throw away those used crates of chocolates, eggs, cookies. It can stack whatever you want to.

Cake stand and Racket us%d for jwelleries

Drawers used as cabinets for jwelleries.

Old Grater used as earrings holder. Simple !!

You can always share what you have or want to with jwelleries here through comments. Have a happy time.


  1. Great ideas gal. I really need to use some of them to manage my stuffs :)

    1. Thankx M. and we all really need some of these in our 'REAL' life.