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Plus Size dressing Ideas and New Rules

Being a working woman means you always need to look presentable and being a plus size and means you have to think twice before making your sartorial choices. I can't just open my closet (gasp....I will love to have one), and wear 'Something' accordingly. Like many other ladies, I have to re-consider my outfit and judge my look even though I hate to.

So, does 'being presentable for a plus size' mean you can't wear what you love/like? I think otherwise. :-) After searching and window shopping most of the shops and stores, I've found it's difficult to find a perfect item for making a perfect outfit for plus size. You ask How to rock a plus size figure? Here we go.........

# Style Tip No. 1: Brighten Up Yourself

Don't cover yourself in black and brown though they are versatile. "Black lets you hide, but that's not always good! A bright piece with a slimming fit, like the red pencil skirt, will draw the right kind of attention" says Aimee Cheshire, the size-16 CEO of (she is in the picture below).
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If you think Red Skirt is vibrant for you and not versatile enough to blend with other pieces you already have, think about Maroon, Burgundy, Navy Blue.
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# Style Tip No. 2: Play with your look

This one is made for me literally. Every time I head to stores to purchase a new piece thinking of I'll explore my new look with it, I tend to get attracted in same old ones that have done nothing good in my present personality. They might have been good for my old body but now it's not acceptable to my body of a different size and shape! :-)  

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Aimee Cheshire says again that if you think skinny jeans is not for plus size, then think again! She says to try ones in heavy denim with a lot of stretch; they will smooth us out and hold us in. A flowy top keeps our look in proportion or style it with your well tailored Blazer for sophistication.

# Style Tip No. 3: Be Bold with Prints

Many of us think large prints will make us look bigger. In many cases it certainly does. But according to new plus size rule, go for one with a graphic that's randomly placed," says Aimee. 

It keeps the eye moving, so it doesn't draw attention to one spot. Larger prints complement our body figure a lot better than tiny ones.

# Style Tip No. 4: Yes Horizontal Stripes!

Stripes are trending, they are classic and versatile for many other pieces we already have. But for plus size? Horizontal stripes can make plus size body wider than it really is, so the idea is to wear thin stripes on a dark background. 
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They won't highlight problem areas like thick ones can. We can add layering pieces that will help to define curves.

# Style Tip No. 5: Embrace Layering

Stylists swear by it. Layering is one of the best ways to enhance the curves we have and getting those pieces in use.
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Either it's a cardigan, a short moto leather jacket or a blazer, layering them over and putting together will make us not only hide our problem areas, and it defines curves.
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One point in layering, stay safe from adding bulk and define your silhouette. We can even define our natural waist with a belt; it will give a lean silhouette and cinches our waist where we have unnecessary flab.

# Style Tip No. 6: Get 1 outfit in Peplum

Peplum can actually be a great addition if we are trying to get one new piece. Besides being fun, peplum can also reduce width of the waist so we’ll appear curvier and can also hide flab around our belly area.
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Peplum tops look best when worn with a curve skimming bottom. Skinny or straight leg jeans or a pencil skirt will give you a tailored, well put together look.
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So, instead of getting frustrated, applying these measures will save us traumatic situation while creating outfits from pieces we already own. These are even called 'New Rules for Plus size' that will flatter most of the bodies.

I must say Forget the rules the magazines state you must follow, we can happily wear horizontal stripes, bright colors, and skinny. Just make sure they fit properly and go with your body style. And we should never forget no outfit is made for making us look thinner, it will only make us look put together. I've decided to create an outfit considering what I already own and then I should purchase further.

What do you do to enhance your curves and is this post beneficial for you? Will be happy to share. Thankx for the read. 


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