Friday, October 5, 2012


I love colors and brightness. It feels my heart with joy. I like colorful outfits that enhance one’s overall look. Yes, there are some dark shades that are as evergreen as the Holy White. But I admit I am partial towards the bright ones. Color of Happiness, Color that Enlightens. Place a smallest part of wardrobe or even room, it will give instant boost to the overall personality. 

So, I have found some pics in the web that are impressive and innovative through the splash of colors. These are beautiful and I am refreshed just looking at these pictures. I think I should stop here and let the pictures do all the talking. Get some ideas!! Décor Wise ………… 

Colorful Fabrics can make a room look enlightening sans expensive Decor.

Have some home accessories with bright colors, it will spark up simple colors of the room.

We can even mix up these pretty bright home accessries with very neutral room or wall.

Make a cosy corner with bright furniture and let it make instant impression.

Make room for a bright wall in your house and no need for elaborate furnitures.

If you are among them who don't like very bright whaen it is with Home Decor, then pop out those carpets, rugs and even cutlery sets which can give bright appeal in the room. It'll do all the talking and lift your mood.

It's all about combination of all the colors we use in the house. Bright colors can be used everywhere and it won't look bad. See the pic below. 

Outdoor area culminates with bright decor so easily because of the greenery around.

Days are colorful and bright these days and so is the state of mind. Hope coming days bring more reasons to rejoice and embrace the joy as the festivals are around the corner. Me says : Relax and let the heart fill with all those positive vibes. 

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  1. OMG I am loving everything on this post. My dream home can have of of these at some corner. :)

    1. Yea, i am absolutely a color person as well. And this is not only in trend but the colorful decor is evergreen. Most important part is we really don't need high amount to spend on decor items. Sometimes color do wonders. Thankx for the likes.

    2. That is so true. Can't wait to decorate my own home :)

    3. gO AHEAD. I am sure you are a good homemaker, it will certainly beautiful. :-)