Thursday, October 4, 2012

Food For Healthy Hair

You must be surprised as the title suggests. But this is a fact that Good looks comes with good food and a healthy lifestyle. What you eat is what shows on your face, hair and figure. After going through some medications (OTC of course), I've come to know the basic reasons for hair loss and damage of hair texture. 

Here are some of the ways to control damage of hair which also makes the overall beauty of inner health and outer skin.

  • Refined Carbohydrates and sugar are as bad for hair as they are for skin.

  • Hair is primarily made up of protein, so check that you're eating enough to avoid hair loss.

  • Exercise. Even for few minute of your day. It ensures oxygen supply throughout the body and increases blood flow. Good circulation is essential for healthy, lustrous hair.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages as they deplete the body of minerals that are needed to maintain healthy hair. This leads to Drying of hair.
  • Intake of High Fibre Diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts are important.

  • Vitamins such as A & B Complex are good for hair.

  • Biotin or Vitamin B7 improves hair quality. If you are taking supplements Check with your doctor before taking it.

  • Check with your doctor if you need other supplements. Minerals for healthy hair include copper, selenium and iron.
Food containing Selenium

Food that Contain Copper and Iron

Here, point to be noted is we don't need to classify food according to the vitamins, proteins and minerals. Most of the fresh fruit, enhancers used in kitchen (garlic, pepper, Ginger), fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, milk, fish and meat items contain just A-Z of our body requires. Not only for hair but for the whole body. So, Why not to make most of them? We can use  according to our taste and preferences. 

For Good Looks of hair : Rethink your hairstyle

  • Check if your hairstyle is making you look older. Poker straight hair, severely pulled back knots, buns, plaits, ponytails and bleached hair can all be unhappy choices at times. 
  • Opt for casual styles with a bit of layers,wave and volume. Short hair usually makes you look younger.

Have a healthy life ahead and thanks for stopping by.

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