Sunday, July 5, 2015

NEON in Home decor

While it's been quite a time I have posted something related to home. Now this post is all towards creating bright and cheerful moods in home which can be done incorporating splash of colors here and there. No, don't even think about big budget requiring projects. I am seriously not into them :-). 
While you all must have been heard about 'Neons'; Neon is the brightest shade of color which have been popular and quite a trend in outfits and accessories mostly the Fuchsia Pink, Bright Orange, Purple, Parrot and Lime Green colors. 

But have you ever thought how Neon color makes a room or any corner beam with brightness! The sparkly trend is quite a scene nowadays and in Spring and Summer ? Just go, get it done. How to make Neon color work in home decor? Stay with this post. Here are some ways to make the Neon color work in our home.  

# Have Plain and White walls ? Spruce the room up with Neon accessories.

The accessories can be simply done by changing the covers of the cushions, bed linens, painting, lights and/or rugs. Options are unlimited.

Splash of Neon via chair in a normal looking Entryway

# Balance is the key.

While making splash of some color, you don't need to overdo them, Just make sure you are not creating whole riot of colors in one place, keep as simple as sprucing up one corner at a time, or one area or only accessories at a time.

# While with Neon, Keep it simple. 

You need not have to add new furniture and accessories with whole lot of your money. As simple as a vase, light stand, a bright frame or a cushion can play to your Neon rhythm.

#Make the complementary colors work.  

Grey colors work wonder with Fuchsia pink, Limes and yellow. So does Green with white. So, while decorating with Neon, make most of those complementary colors. 

# If painting is your choice this summer, designate a wall, or a cabinet, or a whole kitchen to your choice of color. 

Hope you come up with some great idea to share with me. So, will you give some color to your home this year? Or this post doesn't help you in any way .....I will love to know. Have a great time ahead.

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